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Rental Properties Available in the El Paso Area

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that it is more affordable to rent a home in El Paso than it is to rent an apartment? So if you’re moving to our beautiful city because of the military, your job, or any other reason, renting a house may be your best option. At Reliant Property Management, we help homeowners and property managers rent out their homes. We always have a wide variety of homes in our inventory so you can find something you like and is a right match for you and your family. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of renting a home.

Renting a Home vs. Living in Apartments

Many times, when people move to a new city, especially when they know it’s going to be temporary, they choose to live in an apartment. Living in one can come with many benefits, especially if you’re moving to a city like New York City or Boston where it’s drastically more expensive to rent a house than apartments. But in El Paso, you get more out of your money when you rent a home compared to when you rent an apartment. A great thing about the Sun City is that it has a low cost of living and an affordable housing market, which means you can easily rent a house. The benefits of renting a house over an apartment include:

  1. More space for you and your family

  2. More privacy

  3. Quieter areas compared to apartments, where you may hear your upstairs neighbor, etc.

  4. A front and backyard all to yourself, giving your children more space to play and explore

  5. More options; El Paso’s affordable housing market means there are more homes to choose from compared to apartments, which may be too expensive in many areas of the borderland

  6. More options when it comes to garages, sheds, storage spaces, carports, and laundry rooms—things not every apartment comes equipped with

  7. Personalization: you can paint and decorate a home as you please whereas apartments come with many restrictions

  8. Homes allow for more pets, including bigger dogs and reptiles, both of which may not be allowed at many apartment complexes

All in all, there are many benefits to renting a house over living in apartments, especially in a city like El Paso. It’s a great option for many of our military families who know their stay here is temporary. But what if you’re moving here permanently? Well, renting can still be a better option.

Renting vs. Buying

Just like there are many benefits to renting a home versus an apartment, there are a ton of pros of renting a house compared to buying one. Even if you think the wonderful Sun City is your new permanent home, it’s a better idea to rent than to buy. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Your Maintenance is Covered: When you rent a home through our company, you gain access to a wide network of maintenance professionals. We will send someone to your home if you’re experiencing anything from a problem with your plumbing to issues with your roof or HVAC system. When you own a house, you have to find a professional yourself, which can be a time-consuming and costly ordeal.

  2. Easier to Move Out: If EP turns out not to be a permanent home after all or you’d like to move somewhere bigger because your family is growing, you don’t have to worry about selling your house.

  3. More Affordable Up Front: While you will have to pay some fees up front in order to rent a house, it’ll still be more affordable than paying a down payment on a home.

  4. Live In a House Without All the Stress: Owning a house can be incredibly stressful whereas renting isn’t quite comparable.

Rent Your Dream Home Today by Calling Reliant Property Management!

If you’re looking to rent a home in the Sun City, give us a call today! We’ll help you find a home you’ll love.

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Relocating TO El Paso