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You Need A Santa Teresa Expert!

Is your rental property attractive to modern renters? Believe it or not, what worked well for an investment property even a few years ago might be out of date in today's rental market. The rental population and what they want changes as technology (and the world we live in) also change. Today's tenants want more than just a house with a lovely yard or a garage. They look for houses for rent in Santa Teresa with smart home technology, online rental payments, and security systems. Can your investment properties measure up? Bringing your properties into the modern age can be a lot of work! If you want to stay competitive and generate consistent passive income, hiring a property manager is the best way to make that happen. Here's why!

Cue the Right Amount of Curb Appeal

A potential tenant won't consider your property if it doesn't look like a place they want to live in. With so many home improvement shows on TV, your rental property needs to have curb appeal to compete in today's rental market! Before you go overboard with landscaping or renovating the exterior of your properties (as seen on TV), let your property manager guide you to the right updates to make your home more attractive for what works with the Santa Teresa landscape. In our neck of the "woods," this doesn't always mean you'll have a lawn to consider. It could be as simple as adding a decorative rock garden, painting the door, and adding some easy-to-maintain shrubbery to the front of the property. Most renters don't want a rental home that requires a lot of exterior upkeep—especially not in this part of New Mexico. Your Santa Teresa property manager knows what a rental property needs to welcome a new tenant without spending money on unnecessary updates that will wilt rather than boost the curb appeal.

Set the Stage

When your rental property is ready to show itself off, how will renters know that your property has everything they want in a rental home? You have to show them. Many of the most attractive features of your home are on the inside! Driving by a house with a "For Rent" sign in the yard won't draw the crowd of potential tenants that you need to find the best tenant for your rental property.

Marketing Gets the Word Out

Anyone can post a "For Rent" notice on a website and stick a sign in the yard—but that's not marketing. Your property manager knows how to marketing your property so that it sets the stage for your next quality tenants! People looking for a new home need to know what you have to offer in a way that attracts the right tenants for your property while discouraging the bad ones. Renters are smart, and they have no problem scrolling past a property that doesn't catch their eye or have what they need. When marketing your houses for rent in Santa Teresa, your property manager has the expertise you need for these critical pieces to a property listing:

  1. A compelling description: You don't want to waste anyone's time, and you don't want them to waste yours. The more accurately you describe your property, the more likely you'll attract potential tenants that could be your next renters. Your property listing includes everything from the number of bedrooms to the monthly rent amount and fees.

  2. Professional photos: Walking around a property with your cell phone to snap a few pics won't work! Professional real estate photos help a listing stop the scroll by catching the eye of your next tenant.

  3. Details about amenities and the community: Renters are looking for more than a house. They want a lifestyle! Your property manager completes a property listing with information about the amenities that come with the rental and notes about the neighborhood, local dining, and retail.

Marketing your rental property is more than just a listing: it's the opportunity to make the first impression that attracts your next renters. From setting the right rental price to telling the story of your property, your property manager knows how to put together a listing that says, "You want to rent a house like this!"

Screening Helps Place Your Ideal Tenants

When the applications start coming in from potential tenants who couldn't resist your property's listing, how do you choose the best one? Screening is the only way to select the best new resident for your property and avoid bad tenants. Your property manager creates a listing that brings in the potential tenants; then they put each applicant through a thorough screening process that includes:

  1. Credit history

  2. Employment verification

  3. Income verification

  4. Reference and past rental history confirmation

  5. Criminal background check.

When your property listing and tenant screening process work together, you find the best tenants for your houses for rent in Santa Teresa!

Ongoing Expert Property Management

Your property isn't the only thing that has to step up its game to stay competitive in the rental market. Your daily property management services need to rise to the challenge. With better properties in the market comes the need to provide quality property management services. The day-to-day tasks of keeping your properties in excellent condition and responding to tenants is a lot of work—but it's necessary to make sure you see the income you want from your investments if you intend to rent your Santa Teresa property. When you find a tenant to rent a house in your portfolio, that's just the start! Aside from the property itself, your tenants are your most significant assets. Retaining quality tenants requires providing quality services every day throughout the term of their lease.

What Do Property Managers Do?

We've talked about marketing and tenant screening, but what else can you expect from an expert Santa Teresa property manager? If you're looking for passive income from your investment properties, you need a property manager that does everything.

  1. Rent collection

  2. Lease agreements

  3. Maintenance

  4. Property inspections

  5. Financial reports

  6. Legal guidance

  7. Evictions.

Your property needs to handle all of these tasks—and everything that falls between the cracks.

On-Call 24/7

Managing properties isn't a 9-5 job. If you've tried handling your own houses for rent in Santa Teresa, you know that maintenance emergencies don't observe "normal" business hours.

  1. Tenants have issues and need to hear from you throughout the day.

  2. Property inspections must happen on schedule.

  3. Late rent payments rarely show up on their own.

Your property manager is available 24/7 to make sure tenants have what they need, your properties are in excellent condition, and the rent comes in on time. Professional property management provides rental owners with a partner that works hard to make sure your investments make money for you. It's a nice idea to think of someone else doing the work while you enjoy the passive income of a profitable real estate portfolio, isn't it? Hiring expert Santa Teresa property management is the best way to make that happen!

Make More Money From Your Houses for Rent in Santa Teresa!

Some income is nice, but more is better! Without the right expert property management in place, you could be losing money on your real estate investments—without knowing it! The properties in our area have plenty of charm and appeal for any renter—under the right management! Reliant Property Management can help you find out what you're missing and help you put it in place. We start with a free Rental Analysis to understand how your property currently performs in the rental market. With that information, we can also help you determine what more you could earn and how to make that happen. Let Reliant Property Management help you get more for your investment when you rent a house to residents in Santa Teresa!

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