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Most Popular Questions

How interior design is cost?
You can view every property we currently have available on our website.
How do I apply to rent a house?
If you find one you are interested in, you must fill out an application in order to be considered for the home. If approved, we’ll be in contact with you shortly.
What does the application process involve?
The rental application form will ask for important information such as your name, social security number, and contact information. It will also ask for:
  • Your weight, height, hair and eye colors, marital status, and birth date
  • Your citizenship status and where you’re currently living
  • An emergency contact
  • Your rental history
  • Your employment information, including monthly salary
  • Information about other occupants who will live with you
  • Information about your pets, if applicable
  • Vehicle information
  • Additional information such as if you smoke, if you’re in the military, or if you’ve ever filed for bankruptcy
Are pets allowed?
This will depend on the home you’re interested in. This information will be readily available so you can know if you’re a good fit.
Do you offer guarantees?
Yes, we offer a 30-day guarantee.
Do we need to pay a fee to register?
No, we do not require fees upon registering.
When managing rental properties, do you handle maintenance issues?
Yes, we offer maintenance coordination with some of the best plumbers, HVAC technicians, and roofers in town.
What does the process look like?
When you contact us, we’ll ask for information about your home and when you would like to rent it. We’ll use this information to create an accurate market analysis for you and then email you that information. From there, we’ll set up a meeting at your home to evaluate the surrounding area and the house itself. Then, we’ll put it on the market and help you find tenants.
How do we determine rent?
We set it at the market price, based on the type, condition, and location of your home.
What do we look for in tenant screenings?
All tenants must fill out an application that asks them for personal and demographic information, rental history, and credit scores. Their credit score must be at least 620 and they cannot have a bad rental history.
What do you look for in terms of salary?
Potential tenants must make at least three times the amount of the house they want to rent and must have had their jobs for at least six months.
What questions do we ask?
If they pass the application process, the biggest thing we look for is how soon they can rent the house and whether or not that works out with you, the property owners.

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